AIDOC’s official statement on the impersonation of our Facebook page
2018-05-17 20:23:20

Dear esteemed investors:

Recently, someone has used the logo, information and contents of AIDOC’s official Facebook page ( to set up a fake AIDOC page and used it to post derogatory messages about AIDOC team members. Such actions and behavior have severely damaged AIDOC’s intellectual property and reputation.


The AIDOC official team would like to sternly reiterate: We are strongly against such impersonation and defamation actions, and would request that the company (or person) impersonating AIDOC’s official Facebook page remove the account and all derogatory posts. Otherwise, AIDOC will be taking legal action to protect our intellectual property as well as account for losses suffered. At the same time, the AIDOC team has contacted Facebook to report the fake account. For latest developments regarding the matter, please follow AIDOC’s official announcement channels. Investors should also contact the AIDOC team via our official channels below to prevent fraud or unnecessary economic losses.


Official WeChat: AIDOC-1024

Official website:

English Telegram:

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Official Beechat:

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We sincerely thank you for your support of AIDOC and urge people to keep a lookout and report any concerns. Together we can work towards making AIDOC a better projects!


AIDOC Official Team


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