AIDOC in Seoul | AIDOC Seniors are invited for an exclusive interview by Blockchain News: The vital sign of life is Big Data by nature
2018-04-18 14:05:34

On April 6th, a senior of AIDOC (AIDOC’s Advisor for Asia Pacific Region) attended blockchain’s Asian Meetup activity and was invited by BLOCKCHAIN NEWS for an exclusive interview. In the interview he mentioned “The vital signs of life itself are big data. I believe that the data of the vital signs of life of everyone in the world will be stored in blockchain within 20 years. And there will be an artificially intelligent doctor that can serve us twenty-four hours a day to protect our health.”

When questioned about what the difference between AIDOC and other medical blockchains was, he said, “AIDOC is the world’s first AI Medical blockchain project, and has many advantages compared with other projects such as Medicalchain and Mediblocs. Currently, most Medicalchains are aimed at data between medical institutions and their clients. However, AIDOC focuses on monitoring clients’ health, and then there is the issue of how AIDOC can monitor the health conditions of its clients in real time. The senior representative from AIDOC said, “Users can wear different types of AI devices that can transmit the health data to the Medicalchain. AI doctors can then use the data uploaded to create a virtual person. By comparing the real-time data uploaded by the user with the virtual person, we can monitor the user’s health all day. Currently, AIDOC is conducting experiments on different types of devices that can be connected.”

And then when faced with questions regarding how AIDOC tokens would run between medical institutions and clients, the senior representative from AIDOC gave an extensive explanation. “Users can get AIDOC TOKENs by sharing their health data with medical institutions. Currently we have logged onto exchange platforms such as Huobi, OKex and ten other exchange platforms, and have received approval and recognition from the public. AIDOC’s ultimate goal is to help users upload their health data safely onto blockchains and to protect everyone’s health through the use of AI doctors.” He also pointed out, “AIDOC TOKEN will ultimately pay all the benefits back to users.”

Lastly, the interviewer questioned AIDOC if they had encountered any technological problems or strategical planning issues. In regards to this, the senior representative of AIDOC said, “MEDP has already signed an agreement with the largest health check company in China. MEDP, as the technological support of AIDOC, will give AIDOC the largest scale of support in terms of strategy and technology.” He also added, “Right now we are concentrating on Chinese market and users. Once we have a solid foundation, we will gradually expand to the global market, especially the Korean market.”

He then added, “Korea is one of the most important blockchain markets”. He was looking very much forward to entering the Korean market as soon as possible. Up to now, AIDOC has already developed its Chinese and Japanese markets and plans to introduce its “Korean version of AIDOC services” at the end of April this year and prepare a Korean team as soon as possible.

This one-hour session ended with an intense Q&A session. AIDOC’s senior representative shared many interesting memorable things with us, especially the “Baymax” and what kind of experience will that be? Let us all wait patiently for it.

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