AIDOC in Seoul, invited to attend the first Asian Blockchain Summit
2018-04-17 14:17:46

On April 6th,2018, Jacky Li, the AIDOC mentor(the AIDOC Asian consultant) was invited to attend the Asian Blockchain Summit in Seoul, as representative of AIDOC. Based on cryptology and blockchain, the first Asian Blockchain Summit was jointly held by GBIC, FBG and BLOCK72.The South Korean Blockchain Promotion and Introduction Conference for overseas blockchain projects brought together nine outstanding blockchain projects from Asia to discuss the development and prospects of blockchain technology with local media, exchanges, famous critics and investors.

Jacky Li gave a related speech on AIDOC at the summits. He insisted that the blockchain in the medical and health fields might help solve the data silos problem and ensure data security. Besides, TOKEN of blockchain might encourage patients to share daily data which would help provide full data monitoring for future visits or rehabilitation. AIDOC is the pioneer of distributed intelligent medical care and is the world’s first AI medical chain. AIDOC innovatively applies cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence in the medical field, building a smart medical value chain—AIDOC chain, connecting participants on the chain, integrating health industry resources, enhancing the value of health data, and maximizing the value of participants. The application scenarios of AIDOC include health management, mutual insurance, clinical treatment, chronic disease management, and medical institutions.

The mentor of AIDOC indicated that although the blockchain technology has developed over the past decade, the current application in the medical industry is still in its initial stage. There are still some problems need to be solved. It is expected that in the further decade, medical data will all be recorded on the chain. The ownership of health data will be completely attributable to individuals. AIDOC will involve this tendency from the perspective of medical data. The AI super doctors developed by AIDOC will form a distributed "brain" for AIDOC, combining smart hardware, Internet of Things and other devices to build a smart medical industry chain ecosystem and record vital life data into the blockchain and clone a digital people. He emphasized that the vision of AIDOC was to allow everyone to have a private AI super doctor who is guarded all the time through the combination of AI, medical and blockchain technology.

AIDOC has already launched the limited public beta DEMO version of the bit digital human module. The new beta version will access more intelligent hardware, further improving the personal health data of the bit digital human module.

In the Q&A session, when being asked about whether the current healthcare industry giant is a competitor for AIDOC, AIDOC mentor pointed out that, “Data silos is an important issue that has plagued the healthcare industry for many years. Competition and mistrust are the causes of this important problem. The original intention of AIDOC project involves solving this pain point, so AIDOC has no competitive relationship with the medical and health industry giants at the moment. AIDOC chain is an open platform, which is open to both B-side and C-side. We also hope to introduce more important industry partners around the world, linking participants in the chain, integrating resources of the health industry, enhancing the value of health data, and maximizing the value of participants on the chain. We would like to provide more comprehensive solutions for the entire healthcare ecosystem through the combination of AI, medical and blockchain technology.

When being asked about the development of AIDOC in Korea, Jacky Li (CMO of AIDOC Korea) stated that South Korea is treating the development of blockchain technology with an open and inclusive attitude, making South Korea one of the largest blockchain markets in the world. AIDOC attached great importance to the Korean market and had already been listed at the Huobi Korean station on March 30th as the first step to enter Korea market.

At present, AIDOC is making full use of various dimensions including local community development, commercial projects, and recruitment of core volunteers to comprehensively contribute to the Korean market and improve the global strategic layout of the AIDOC chain.

At the end of the conference, the organizers expressed their gratitudes for friends on the scene for the successful holding of first summit of the Asian Blockchain Summit . He indicated that Korean investors are interested in Asian blockchain projects including China, but there is little opportunity for them to directly understand the project's vision and development staff. The organizers will continue to serve investors and resolve their communication problems with developers.

Through this South Korean Blockchain Promotion and Introduction Conference for overseas blockchain projectsmore Korean investors learned about the AIDOC project and joined the AIDOC project to help develop the local Korean market. At the same time, the discussions between AIDOC and other industrial practitioners will jointly promote the development of the blockchain industry.



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