Announcement of Expanding the Korean Market and Nominating Jacky Lee as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
2018-04-11 10:22:26

According to the Appointments and Implementation Measures of the Service Work of the AIDOC Global Recruitment Plan, after the declaration, recommendation, qualification review, investigation and verification, the confirmation of the AIDOC Singapore Headquarters Foundation, and the determination of the AIDOC Global Recruitment Plan, we’ve approved and elected Jacky Lee as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in Korea.

Jacky Lee, the CMO of Korea, has been successfully assisted many multinational corporations to establish branches in Korea, and has participated in the establishment of a number of local community websites, newspapers and magazines, tourism companies. Mr. Lee has also been responsible for the community operations, marketingmedia promotionwebsite planning and developing, etc. Moreover, Mr. Lee has been working as an overseas Marketing Manager for well-known orthopedic hospitals in Korea, and has rich practical experiences in the operations of Korean local markets and government public relations since 2012.

After Jacky Lee became the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) in Korea, AIDOC officially opened up the Korean market. Jacky Lee is currently launching AIDOC to the Korean local market in a variety of dimensions including local community constructions, fulfilling the task of commercial projects, and recruiting core volunteers. Further more, Mr. Lee will conduct a comprehensive investigation and analysis of the Korean market to determine the local marketing positioning of Korea. To determine and execute Korean marketing strategies based on the specific conditions of the Korean market and reaching the goals of the Korean local market. Having a clear picture of the actual needs of the local Korean customers and investors, and maintaining communicating and liaising with local client investors, and assisting AIDOC headquarters to establish a local investor community in Korea and organize relevant activities.



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