AIDOC showed on the giant screen of Nasdaq!
2018-04-08 15:07:44

Times Square, New York, is known as the "crossroads of the world," with an average passenger flow of 40 million visitors and 100 million people. As the world’s most highly sought-after commercial core location, Time Square is where the world’s top companies spread their brand image, improve their brand appeal and disseminate their brand culture! In this globally shining commercial core stands the Nasdaq semi-cylindrical giant screen which is hailed as "the world's first screen". It has always been the showground of the world's top companies. As we all know, the Nasdaq's giant screen grasps "global focus" and "worldwide attention." With hundreds of millions of people passing by each year, the giant screen affects not only Americans but also the global community. NASDAQ has always been committed to bringing the best brands to the world!

The full name of AIDOC is AI Doctor (Chinese name "Tian Yi"), the world's first AI medical chain. It is committed to building up a chain of AI super doctor, so that everyone has their own exclusive "Bay Max"! AIDOC is a pioneer in the field of distributed AI medical treatment as initiating mining project with life data. AIDOC TOKEN is the most important way to realize and transfer the value of AIDOC. AIDOC combines cutting-edge innovations such as blockchain and artificial intelligence and applies them to the medical field to build smart medical value chains and provide users with exclusive, professional, intelligent medical and health services. With vital life data recorded in the blockchain, AIDOC provides everyone with a private AI super doctor who is guarded around the clock. AIDOC has four highlights, including bit digital man, life bank, AI super doctor and life data mining.

Winning the GBBC Excellent Blockchain Project Award in the Switzerland Davos Forum, AIDOC has been actively expanding its overseas market! The leader of AIDOC (Founder and CEO of MEDP.AI , AIDOC Asia Pacific Consultant Wu Shizhan) held a meeting and shared the vision and development plan of AIDOC with fans in Lair East, New York, USA.

In terms of products, AIDOC has already started the registration of DEMO limited open beta test of bit digital man modules. The new beta version will access more intelligent hardware to further improve the health data of bit digital man modules. In terms of cooperation, AIDOC has joined the OMAHA alliance to pursue the mission of “returning medical data to patients”. Besides, AIDOC is listed on the SWFT platform to provide users with a brand new fast transaction mode. On top of that, AIDOC is working with the technology sleep company MySleepart to provides users with customized sleep solution by connecting with the cloud sleep systems. Recently, AIDOC will announce more partners who are actively participating in the AIDOC ecosystem. We will continue to work hard to provide users with complete and intelligent medical services and realize the medical value chain.

On March 28th, AIDOC teamed up with the "Blockchain 100" (which is a campaign visiting blockchain technology companies) under the Houbi News to hold an offline fan meeting in Beijing, China. AIDOC discussed topics such as application of blockchain in the medical field, progress and technical framework of AIDOC project with domestic AIDOC fans.

On March 30th, AIDOC was listed at the Houbi Korean, and took the Houbi Korean as the first step to enter the Korean market. AIDOC exchanged opinions with local Korean media, exchanges, and well-known critics on overseas blockchain companies meeting this Friday and built up the layout of the Korean market! AIDOC has made efforts to develop the Korean market from multiple dimensions such as local community construction, commercial projects landing, and recruitment of core volunteers, thus improving the global strategic layout of AIDOC Chain.

AIDOC has showed on the NASDAQ giant screen recently, which demonstrates the strong brand image of AIDOC. We have the reason to believe that in the near future, the world’s first AI medical chain, AIDOC, will appear in a broader international arena and accelerate the realization of the goal “let everyone have their own exclusive ‘Bay max’ ”!

At the same time, AIDOC will also globally recruit talents of all levels from front-line staff to partners who are interested in AI medical and blockchain. We welcome all people of insights and sincerely hope you will join AIDOC's family! Contact information:




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