AIDOC fans meeting successfully held in Beijing
2018-03-30 10:45:52

After MEDP.AI’s announcement of all in block chain and greater technology support for AIDOC on March 26th, the fans meeting, “Close to AIDOC”, organized by Blockchain Vistis affiliated to Huobi News, was held successfully in Beijing on March 28th.

Blockchain Visits, a campaign of visiting and interviewing various blockchain projects launched by Huobi News, aims to disseminate cutting-edge knowledge about blockchain, to explore blockchain’s application and development in different areas as well as to promote advanced technology and product of excellent blockchain teams. At this meeting, the AIDOC team shared and exchanged ideas with present attendees on three topics — the prospect of the industry, four characteristics of AIDOC and the application of AIDOC.

Application prospect in Health industry: blockchain connects data silos and guarantees data security. Traditional health data was stored in a data-centered manner, subject to hacker attack and faced with increasing risks. Blockchain, the distributed ledger, provides the secure data storage service. After uploading their own health vital signs data and medical data to the AIDOC chain, users will get token through the way that is similar to "mining", so that personal signs are digitized in the AIDOC chain. AIDOC will give the health data to users themselves and to scientific research enterprises with authorization. Scientific research enterprises will give the corresponding TOKEN to users in turn. Blockchain has eight applications and practices — medical health data, genome data, mutual insurance, medical personnel identity authentication, drug anti-counterfeiting, medical supply chain finance, clinical trials and operation records.

Four features of AIDOC: the bitdata person, LifeBank, AI super doctor, life data mining

The bitdata person

The bitdata person fully quantifies your physiological lifecycle data into an accurate picture of your real time health. LifeBank serves as the public deposit and trade platform for health date on AIDOC. AI super doctor, the core section of intelligent diagnosis, provides the blockchain-based AI services. The unique life data mining allows us to yield major returns as our ecosystem scales and coin values multiply.

The application scenarios included Health Management, Mutual Insurance, Clinical Treatment, Chronic Disease Management and Medical Institutions.

Health Management

Human physiological signs are constantly changing, and continuous monitoring can detect abnormal conditions in time and make timely responds. Through the intelligent wearing devices, the AIDOC chain can do real-time monitoring and analysis of users’ signs data. When abnormalities occur, it can provide real-time warnings and give health conditioning suggestions.

Mutual Insurance

Through smart wearable devices, AIDOC chain can perform real-time analysis of users’ vital data. It can gives real-time warning and health advices if there is any abnormality.

Clinical Treatment

AIDOC contains core modules such as image diagnosis, diabetic retinopathy screening, ECG monitoring, etc. The comprehensive analysis can be made based on the user’s historical data, and intelligent analysis can be carried out according to the image uploaded by patients. At the same time, AIDOC can make intelligent diagnoses for diseases and give the best treatment suggestion according to the patient's physical characteristics.

Chronic Disease Management

In particular, patients with chronic diseases need long-term and stable physiological status monitoring. Patients with hepatitis, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases can obtain reasonable health conditioning programs through AIDOC. AIDOC can real-time monitor patients’ physical health indicators in order to achieve the best rehabilitation effect.

Medical Institutions

The blockchain can connect various institutions, and the institutions will real-time synchronize their own data which can be protected by encryption. Therefore, it is more flexible for the agencies to make decisions and deploy medical resources.

In the Q&A section, several fans from media industry questioned how AIDOC will compete against giants like BAT and how they collect data. AIDOC team said that AIDOC is open to both business and customers, thus representing a cooperative partner along the industry chain rather than a rival to Tencent and Alibaba. In the future, there is possibility that AIDOC will cooperate with these giants. At present, AIDOC is improving the bitdata person. More intelligent hardware will be added and users’ data will be collected through various approaches. The demo of the bitdata person will have a public testing and is inviting users to participate in.

Amid the light atmosphere, the offline fans meeting of AIDOC in Beijing came to the end. Let’s wait and expect the new medical era promised by AIDOC!


AIDOC Official Team

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