AIDOC and MySleepart Team Up to Provide Users with Solutions to Sleep Problems
2018-03-21 17:10:19

March 21st is the World Sleep Day. According to a survey conducted by the World Health Organization, 27% of people in the world have sleep problems, including 38% in China, 30% in France, and 41% in the United States. In the Personal Health Index of the Chinese HNWI 2017, 61% of respondents had sub-health symptoms, and 83% of respondents said that they had sleep problems. Long-term sleep disorders not only lower the quality of life, affect people’s work, but also cause physical and mental illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases, cancer, depression. What’s more, it can even be life-threatening. Therefore, adequate sleep is one of the three health standards recognized by the international community.

AIDOC has announced a strategic cooperation with MySleepart. In this cooperation AIDOC will be connected to the sleep cloud system of MySleepart. MySleepart's sleep data will be uploaded to the AIDOC Chain to further improve AIDOC’s bitdata person and provide users with sleep health reports, health warning, professional advice and other sleep health service.

Good sleep is a cornerstone for maintaining good health. Sleep can promote energy recovery, protect the brain, improve memory, enhance body resistance, help control emotions, facilitate children's physical growth and brain function development, accelerate skin regeneration and prevent skin senescence.

In this strategic cooperation, MySleepart will upload users' sleep data obtained from its smart products like sleep monitor pads and snoring monitors to the AIDOC Chain. For example, the sleep pad monitors heart rate and breathing state in real time and synchronizes periodically to generate health data. The snoring monitor recognizes snoring data through a neural network algorithm. The user's sleep data will be stored permanently and fully resolved on the AIDOC Chain, providing sleep health services such as sleep health reports, health warning and professional advice. The sleep health data will further improve the diversified and multi-dimensional bitdata person, helping users to adjust body functions in real time, keep healthy and prevent diseases. MySleepart can also use data for clinical research and other purposes if authorized by the user.

It is reported that in the near future AIDOC will be connected to a number of smart products to further improve the user's health data, build the bitdata person and realize the medical value chain.

An introduction of MySleepart

MySleepart is a sleep technology company that specializes in building MySleepart Sleep Cloud System that utilizes big data and artificial intelligence to provide users with customized, personalized sleep problem solutions. Products include MySleepart series of intelligent sleep systems, sleep blanket monitors, apnea monitors and other sleep products. MySleepart is a company integrating product design, development, manufacturing, sale and services. MySleepart's core technology team comes from Beihang Robot Institute and has more than 15 years of experience in intelligent control and human-computer interaction. MySleepart focuses on healthy sleep and cooperates with the Southern Hospital Sleep Center, Peking University Third Hospital, Affiliated Peking University Hospital and other medical institutions to research and develop core algorithms of sleep and create high-tech sleep products. With 19 independent intellectual property rights, MySleepart wants to be a pioneering global provider of high-tech sleep products and health data management service so that everyone enjoys good sleep.



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