AIDOC and OMAHA Hand in Hand Promoting the Development of Personal Medical Dat
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AIDOC and OMAHA Hand in Hand


In 2018 year AIDOC formally join in OMAHA league,turn into the league’s institutional member.

AIDOC used the innovative technology blockchain and AI successfully in medical field. AIDOC also set up medical value chain - AIDOC chain. AIDOC bound up with participant, integration of health industry resources, improving the value of health data, maximization the value of participant. From now on, AIDOC and OMAHA will hand in hand promoting the development of medical and health industry.


OMAHA league


OMAHA is a medical treatment promoting , information opening , sharing, opening source in health industry, NGO which apply itself to promoting industry data and opening personal medical data. OMAHA is made up of institutions and individual members from health information technology enterprises, medical and health application developer, medical and health service provider, pharmaceutical production and circulation enterprises, medical equipment and health consumer electronics manufacturer, operator, internet companies, government and research institutions, media industry chain etc. Every individual or organization could apply join in OMAHA . So far, the cooperation association members are up to 60.



OMAHA aims to sort out the collective needs of the industry. It can develop common, reusable module, components, and middleware that cannot be independently completed by a single company or can hardly achieve short-term economic benefits by crowdsourcing collaboration.And these components are open source to alliance members to reduce the R&D cost of individual enterprises and improve the standardization of industry products.




AIDOC&rsquo;s headquarters is located in Singapore, as the world's first AI medical chain, is the pioneer of distributed AI healthcare. It established the first project of mining with life data.  AIDOC tokens are the most important way to achieve value delivery. AIDOC integrated advanced innovative technologies like block chain, artificial intelligence to the medical field to create intelligent medical value chain and provide users with exclusive, professional and intelligent medical health services. Data of vital sign was written into blockchain so that everyone could have a private AI super doctor all the day. Four highlights: bit digital people, life bank, AI super doctors, mining with life data.


AIDOC has gain investment from well-known investment institutions: Connecting capital, DFund, Chain fund, Node captial,  Zhizi fund, Geek captial, Byzantium, Nirvana captial, and first published on ten Exchanges. AIDOC won blockchain Excellent project award during the Davos Forum on Jan 23th 2018. AIDOC Asia Pacific adviser Mr. Shizhan Wu(Current founder&CEO of as AI medical block chain expert was interviewed by China Economic Weekly journalist. He expounded AI improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment, the natural advantage of blockchain utilization in medical industry, bit digital people, mining with life data. The article is successively reprinted by Kwangmyong Net, People&rsquo;s Daily Online, China Economic Net, Tencent news and Sina Finance etc.  On Feb 26th, 2018, China Economic Weekly published No.7,8 New Spring Festival theme for &lsquo;Innovation makes life better(New times New life), title :&ldquo;AI and Blockchain Medical Revolution: Earn money by Seeing a doctor yourself ? &rdquo;( ISSN 1672-7150)


The Significance of AIDOC and OMAHA &lsquo;s Cooperation


Owing to the personal medical data scattered in different institutions and scenes, making the medical data fragmentation. For years, health medical data sharing and fusion is a word problems. We need to exceed any institution, even if transnational common view. Our only power is &ldquo;Civilians health data must be complete&rdquo;. Only by this power can provide accurate medical service, prevent misdiagnosis, which including your AI analysis.


Medical data stored in medical institution only occupy a little part of the personal life health data set. Life health data is made up of multi group data such as gene and actual time vital signs data. It also include internal environment data(The symbiotic flora of the human body) and external environment data(Environment, behavior,healthy exercise etc), these are indispensable component. These pluralistic data make up of everybody&rsquo;s life health data set.


AI chain starting from medical data, design product focus on data security, sharing, using. Get through medical electronic medical record, medical app, data barriers between medical equipment in internet of things, connect AIDOC intelligent medical platform, mutual insurance platform and sub line mechanism. Provide service to data requirement side in medical ecosystem, such as sufferer,doctor,hospital,technical service provider. AIDOC will provide a full set of medical service solutions to medical health industry based on blockchain, AI core underlying technology.


AIDOC and OMAHA will promoting personal medical data hand in hand, insist the idea&rdquo;Give the data back to the patient&rdquo;, build &ldquo;bit digital people&rdquo;with all kinds of related industry institutions. Realize medical intelligence value chain by the technology blockchain, AI, internet of things etc. AIDOC chain will continue opening the medical data to individual and medical institutions. AIDOC welcome the common idea vendors in genetic testing, physical examination, medical treatment ,all kinds of wearable medical health equipment contact us. Improve the existing medical ecosystem together.



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