AIDOC and the SWFT platform were agreed to cooperate, to further enhance the circulation of AIDOC
2018-03-03 18:33:27

On March 2, 2018, AIDOC, the world's first AI medical chain, and SWFT (Currency exchange platform that integrated the world's major exchanges, through the APP/ website for a click operation) officially reached strategic cooperation. The cooperation between AIDOC and SWFT platform is the development and application of blockchain technology to the intelligent medical industry.

About SWFT platform:

SWFT is the global transfer agreement for the next generation blockchaindeveloped and operated by the American Silicon Valley team. As the next generation global transfer agreement based on the existing blockchain technology and the ecological environment of the blockchain industry, SWFT is the global transfer agreement that is more in line with the block chain spirit after Ripple. The transfer includes four parts: currency exchange, digital currency and legal tender exchange, legal tender and digital currency exchange and legal tender exchange. SWFT now introduces the currency exchange between the first part of the digital currency, and other transfer functions will be introduced successively. SWFT platform is a cross-block chain based on SWFT transfer agreement, through the APP/ website/ API for a click operation currency exchange platform, aimed to help users to realize one-click currency exchange easily, quickly and cheaply, avoiding cumbersome operation and avoiding the risks caused by currency fluctuations. SWFT platform uses block chain, machine learning and big data technology to realize risk hedging, which has the advantages of fast trading and cheap price.


About AIDOC:

AIDOC starts from the medical data, the AI super doctors formed a distributed "brain" of AIDOC. Combining with intelligent hardware, Internet of things and other devices, the whole industry chain ecology of intelligent medical industry is constructed to write the vital signs data into the block chain and clone the bit digital people, letting everyone have an all-day private AI super doctor!


AIDOC is the core module of intelligent diagnosis in the Tianyi chain, realizing the distributed AI super doctor based on the block chain network, following the consensus mechanism, access to the core modules of intelligent CT assisted diagnosis, intelligent sugar network classification screening, and intelligent medical document recognition. The whole network has self-learning function, and AIDOC in the network can actively learn self-reinforcement and realize distributed online incremental learning. AIDOC integrates a large number of smart medical DAPP. It is a public standard based on the underlying protocol of the medical chain, and each DAPP can customize its own system architecture. The TOKEN chain is decentralized and based on block chain as the digital TOKEN carrier of payment technology. The encrypted digital AIDOC TOKEN system achieves point-to-point direct transaction, thus avoiding the problems of traditional centralization payment such as high handling fee and cumbersome process. All transactions must be authenticated by network nodes and are permanently recorded in the TOKEN chain public distributed ledger based on block chain technology. AIDOC TOKEN is the most important tool to realize the value delivery of Tianyi.


AIDOC has already logged on to SWFT platform to bring more favorable, convenient and speedy user experience for AIDOC users.


Official team of AIDOC.


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