AIDOC made a strong landing in Tokyo to hold a press conference.
2018-02-01 01:57:18

On January 31, 2018, the world's first AI medical chain AIDOC landed in Japan and held a press conference in the CENTRAL PARK TOWER La Tour SHINJUKU (next to the Tokyo metropolitan government building) in SHINJUKU district, Tokyo, Japan.






AIDOC Japan consultant He Zujie on behalf of the AIDOC team to the Japanese guests to introduce the characteristics of AIDOC, business logic and applications.


Mr. He zujie said, "AIDOC is the doctor of the heaven, and is the auspicious place of the eight house feng shui." And the god of medicine is the god of disease in the four pillars. It combines Buddhism, Taoism, qigong and TCM theory in traditional Chinese culture, and embodies the essence of dialectical medicine of heaven, earth and man. Now we have given cutting-edge technologies such as block chain, big data, and artificial intelligence to heavenly medicine, making it the patron saint of the masses. 


AIDOC has three meanings:

1. The English name of Heavenly Medicine;

2. Name of the token;

3. AIDOC super doctor.


The token AIDOC is the most important tool to realize the value delivery of the project. AIDOC super doctor can quickly help users to provide diagnosis and treatment Suggestions, and protect our health all the time.


It has four core ideas:


1. Bit digital person:

Bits digital person is essentially a user in the process of the system using the real-time of vital signs data to construct a database, on AIDOC the medical chain store these vital signs data is advantageous to the targeted disease diagnosis, clinical research and drug development. User vital signs data are extremely valuable resources.


2. Life Bank:

This valuable data can be safely stored and sold through withdrawals or authorizations.


3. AI Super-Doctor:

AIDOC can intelligently diagnose this data, thus enabling distributed AI Super-doctors based on block chain networks to protect our health all the time. And the ability to learn actively and to become self-reinforcing.


4. Life data mining:

The use of intelligent medical hardware to obtain vital signs data for mining to obtain tokens, which can be used to purchase products and services within the medical system.


AIDOC will be widely used in many fields, such as health management, clinical treatment, chronic disease management, medical resource management and so on.


AIDOC has been listed on Allcoin, BCEX, Huobi, OKEX, Bibox, Coinbene, Bit-Z, Coinegg, Coolcoin, BtcTrade, a total of 10 exchanges. According to the data, AIDOC has the highest 24-hour trading volume in the top 40 of all currencies in the world.


Japanese guests participating in the conference put forward specific questions on the application of AIDOC and the transactions of AIDOC tokens in Japan, and expressed great interest in AIDOC.


Health , has been recognized as the fifth - largest human needs of mankind after " food and food " . AIDOC takes the lead in changing orders and rules in the medical industry as the world ' s first AI block chain project . It ' s a small step for the AIDOC , and a big step in human health solutions . We expect everyone to have one of its own dedicated " Baymax " !






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